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VF1 serves as the catalyst for emotional & spiritual intelligence that guides and empowers humans to live the lives they love! It is our love letter to the world - affordable and accessible yet personal and loving guidance towards whole well-being. We are devoted to providing guidance for the human condition, to every human.

V.F.1 membership gives access to V-Saga's self-guided courses and workshops which include the fundamental healing and transformational modules that have helped Raquel Veisaga guide clients towards greater peace and happiness and have transformed lives for decades! In addition, members will be able to expand their wellness palette as the Veisaga family of coaches and instructors provide courses in all areas of life! 

At V.F.1, our goal is to one day see the Schumann Scale, what NASA calls the “heartbeat of the earth”, rise to the highest level, signifying world peace and happiness. Our family only continues to grow with each new member, raising the human frequencies one-by-one and building the foundation of a global healing revolution!  We hope you take a chance on wellness and try our network as we are confident in the healing and empowerment it can provide.

The network is how many V-Saga students will engage in their online courses as it is a social platform for V-Saga students to engage in group discussion, post and network with each other, join and complete courses, submit forms and homework, talk to teachers, join groups and view upcoming events. Whether you are enrolled in a 6-week course or the 9-month Peace & Happiness University, the V.F.1 network is your primary tool and resource. 

V.F.1 is also for anyone who wishes to take their self-development at their own pace, in the comfort of their home, and with the ability to replay and reread lessons as needed - you do not need to be in any program or a V-Saga client to subscribe to the V.F.1 network. We understand that healing and mental health awareness is still growing, something we hope to advance, so we curated courses to be self-guided, clear, straightforward and video-based with the ability to comment, ask questions and chat with other students and instructors - even Raquel herself!

Workshops & Events

Raquel hosts a variety of workshops and courses from Journaling 101 to Sexual Reclamation. The V-Saga Mighty Network is where you will find all dates, information and enroll! You will also have unlimited access to special event and workshop recordings on the network if you ever want to watch again!

What its Worth

Membership is a monthly subscription of

$22 / month


$222 annually

  • Access to the network activity feed and chat
    - engage with Raquel and Javier, the VF1 community, and its members!
    - receive activity from Raquel such as her daily musings, motivational thoughts, and ideas
    - stay updated on any V-Saga news or events
  • Exclusive and FREE access to Body Rituals classes
  • Full access to V-Saga's Heal and Grow lessons!
  • Exclusive V-Saga content such as the video recordings to go with the free audio recordings of the Peace & Happiness podcast or recordings of all special workshops and pop ups!
  • Priority enrollment and discounted prices for events/workshops!

Don't just take our word for it.

V-Saga was featured in Voyage LA magazine
twice as one of LA's 
Most Inspiring Stories!

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